When making first contact with a woman, look at her make-up, because you can tell a lot about her character and her position in life.

There are two main criteria: the duration of the makeup and accent. According to the first criteria, all Ukrainian women can be divided into four groups.

The first groups are the ladies who spend half an hour applying makeup. They often use a light tinted vehicle, mascara and neutral colored lip gloss. From a psychological point of view we can say that they are easy to communicate with and attract men with their minds and not makeup. For family life, men prefer this type of women.

The second groups of women spend at least an hour applying make-up. They are Maximalists, and try to create an ideal image, no matter how long it takes. These ladies are high demand not only to themselves but to other people, so it’s not simple to build relationships at an early stage.

Woman that wear too bright of makeup are in the third group. "Battle coloring" often indicates an emotional dissatisfaction women desire changes in your personal life.

The fourth group includes women who trust only an experienced makeup expert, which indicates a lack of confidence in their abilities and lack of personal opinion.

Accent makeup also indicates the presence of a woman related traits. If a woman selects her lips it shows that she is quite spontaneous and sensitive, as well as coquettish and eloquent. Highlighting the eyes, points to the woman’s sociability, prudence and care.

Of course, to know the nature of Ukrainian woman sitting in front of you only from her make-up is difficult, but this little tip can help start a conversation on a first date, and further possible long-term relationship that will grow into a marriage.